Saveasiuleo (Samoane: Saveasi‘uleo ; id est Save-a-si‘uleo, 'Save-Echus'), deus defunctorum Samoanorum, Fafam et Pulotum regit, et ibi cum Nafanua filia et animis hominum habitat. Corporis sui, dimidium superius est humanum ; inferius, piscatorium : quam ob rem anguilla saepe appellatur. Columnae sui domus ritualis sunt corpora ducum (Samoane: ali‘i).

Fons recensere

Turner, George. 1884. Samoa a Hundred Years Ago and Long Before. London: Macmillan.—"Saveasiuleo, or 'Savea of the echo,' was the king of these lower regions. The upper part of his body was human, and reclined in a house in company with the chiefs who gathered around him ; the lower was piscatorial, and stretched away into the sea. This | royal house of assembly was supported by the erect bodies of chiefs who had been of high rank on earth"" (pp. 259–260).


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