Registrator est parva machina ad res enumerandas ab Francisco Galton circa annum 1880 fabricata, qui hanc machinam manu tenebat ut homines variorum generum inter vulgum vel quotienscumque auscultatores in suis acroasibus oscitent aut aliter trepident ipse obscure enumeret.


  • Bulmer, Michael. 2003. Francis Galton: Pioneer of Heredity and Biometry. Baltimorae: Johns Hopkins University Press.—"In 1880, he exhibited a 'pocket registrator' for recording the number of individuals of different kinds in a crowd without attracting attention" (p. 30).
  • Galton, Franciscus. 1880. "On a Pocket Registrator for Anthropological Purposes." Nature 50:478; Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Transactions of Section D, Department of Anthropology, p. 625.
  • [Scriptor ignotus]. 2008. Wall Street Journal, 6 Decembris, p. W11.—"Francis Galton . . . carried a homemade object called a 'registrator' to, among other things, measure people's yawns and fidgets during his talks."
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