This is an english template for a to-do-list for articles in collaboratio hebdomadalis. Please put the word OK in the right place if you have done a task. You can see the tasks as days of a week. The template will be put on the discussion page of the article.

Task 1: Search for information {{{1}}}

  • Search external links and put them into the nexus externis.
  • Search for sources and put them in fontes.

Task 2: Structure {{{2}}}

  • Create headlines which make sense.
  • Search for templates, tables and pictures that are helpful. Don't think about putting them in the right place, it can managed later.

Task 3: Content {{{3}}}

  • That's the most important task, of course.
  • If you are not sure, look for the wikipedias in your own language, but try to create your own content.

Task 4: Grammar and Spelling {{{4}}}

Task 5: Formatting and Conference {{{5}}}

  • Look at the article. Put the most important paragraphs on the top of the page.
  • Set interwiki links.
  • Set links to other articles.
  • Categorize.
  • Make cites to cites, important words bold, et cetera
  • Discuss if the article is already finished. If yes, put the article name on collaboratio hebdomadalis from actual to done.
  • Delete this template from the disputatio.