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  1. Civitas could be a problematic word, for a number of reasons. To keep it simple here's the most important one: we've been using it here both for "city" and "country." It can mean both of those, but since it's ambiguous it could be a problem. It is often remarked that the best translation for this word is "community"... myself I tend to reserve it for what we call a "city-state" in English.
  2. Whatever word you use for city, it needs to be in the genitive plural: civitatum or urbium.
  3. Considering how long Myces' original list of places in England was, isn't this entry going to be prohibitively long?
  • Second of all, to everyone: Nickshanks is making this page pursuant to the discussion here. What do you think? Do we want to delete the original entries or not?

--Iustinus 23:38 sep 27, 2004 (UTC)

Nicolaus' Responses to Iustinus:
  1. Ahh, my bad - I thought civitas meant 'places where people live' (everything from hamlets to countries), easily amended by moving the page though. The name was pretty much chosen whimsically.
  2. Noted, though I still don't know the difference between nominative, genative, dative, accusative etc. I keep re-reading the descriptions on the english wikipedia in the hope that one day it will sink in. http://web.nickshanks.com/images/emoticons/smile.png I don't know the respective case endings in latin yet either.
  3. The intention for this page is currently thus:
    1. To preserve the contents of all those one-line stubs that I felt should be deleted.
    2. To then be sorted by country and alphabetically
    3. Posibly to then be integrated with/fork out as seperate pages like Index locorum in Regno Unito
I didn't intend the page to be permanent or to grow beyond the above remit.
Nicolaus 12:43 sep 28, 2004 (UTC)
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