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Portal (English: Portal) is a video game of puzzles {puzzle video game} made by Valve in 2007. It has been praised [1], because it requires the gamer to think critically to find the exit of every maze {puzzle}.

The gamer uses a gun to make two portals, and can move instantly from one to the other. Portals can only be placed in certain parts of the virtual world, set in a laboratory, yet {the player} can also place them in many unusual places, such as the ceiling or the floor. The player must use spatial thinking to master the physics dynamics of the game.


Porta (anglice: Portal) est ludus electronicus enigmatis faciebat pro Valve in 2007. Laudabaris[1], quoniam requirit lusorem cogitare critice conperire exitum omni labyrintho.

Lusor utitur pistolium facere duae portae, et potest contendere actutum ex unam ad alius. Portae modo potest locari in cartas partes mundi virtualis, occasus in laboratorio, tamen multi illorum loci potest inusitatus, nam tectum vel solum. Lusor debet uti cogatione spatiale domare dynamicas physicas ludi.

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