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Salve munde (rather than 'mundus')Recensere

You're almost certainly right; I couldn't remember whether vocative followed the nominative or something else. (See why I stipula-sort instead of writing articles? :P) --Alynna Kasmira 00:44, 1 Februarii 2006 (UTC)[]

... see why I am categorizing ... ;-) As I remember vocative (as the name implies) is used e. g. when you could say "Hello, oh, world!". Typical circumstances are: 1) Words like "salve" when adressed directly to a person, the "!" and this possible "oh". At least this is my theory ... --Roland2 07:37, 1 Februarii 2006 (UTC)[]
Yes, unequivocally munde is the right form. I'm going to remove the dubsig.--Ioshus Rocchio 13:13, 15 Maii 2006 (UTC)[]
Revertere ad "Perl".