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Hodiernum congruit cum nomine feminino:--> hodiernam ?


Leaving out the h in Budda and the various derived terms was not arbitrary. The title Βουδδᾶς is in fact repeatedly attested in Christian accounts of Mani/Terebinthus. I have long since given up on the idea of uniformly enforcing this as an attested, and therefor preferred, form: the consensus of Vicipaedia has pretty firmly placed the article on Buddhism s.v. Buddhismus, et ita porro. But I think when we're writing about an ancient empire, with a large Greek population, with so many names attested in Greek forms, or at least Greek letters (including, I hasten to add, ΒΟΔΔΟ), I think it's fair for me to insist on the attested ancient form. --Iustinus 18:36, 1 Ianuarii 2011 (UTC)

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