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Are you sure about the 13-й уланский Владимирский полк? You probably will, being from Russia and thus an expert on the issue; I would still like to note that the German Wikipedia, from which I merely translated, says otherwise, so there may be a mistake there.

1909 wurde er zum Kommandeur seines ersten Regiments, der 15er Dragoner aus Kalisch, ernannt

--Iovis Fulmen 11:37, 28 Augusti 2007 (UTC)

I had read the passage from the German Wikipedia, but I made corrections to this article according to the information from Russian Wikipedia, where it is written that Mannerheim was the commander of "13-й уланский Владимирский полк" ("13th ulan Vladimir regiment") in Novominsk near Warsaw (Novominsci prope Varsoviam) since 1909. I find this information closer to the truth, because in the article about ru:Александрийский гусарский полк (Alexandrian hussar regiment, which was called "15-й драгунский Александрийский полк" - "15th dragoon Alexandrian regiment" since 1882) it is written that the regiment was called "5-й гусарский Александрийский полк" - "5th hussar Alexandrian regiment" since 1907. So, it was impossible for Mannerheim to become the commander der 15er Dragoner aus Kalisch (at least the regiment called in such a way) in 1909. -- Alexander Gerascenco 05:27, 29 Augusti 2007 (UTC)
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