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Under Gulielmus I see that there are 16 different variants to this name. I suppose people will say that I should be using Wilhelmus here. What can I say, I'm Italian, so Guglielmus is the one that looks most right to me. Advice? LionhardusCiampa 15:16, 13 Novembris 2007 (UTC)

My advice:
  • Name preference: I think Gulielmus is the one we use most commonly. From searching a few of the 16 possibles, it seems that most of the other 15 have just 1 or 2 pages of results, whereas Gulielmus has 11+.
  • Uniformity: We definitely need just one to use (except for when aforementioned attestations crop up) and calling somebody Wilhelmus just because they spoke German is just going to ruin uniformity.
  • How to keep uniformity: If the added 'g' is unattested, run it through Google and GoogleBooks and, if not there, move the page.
  • This page: From Google and GoogleBooks, there are no results for 'Guglielmus Bach' or 'Guglielmus Fridericus Bach' (discounting ones from inside vicipaedia). So it should probably be moved to Gulielmus Fridericus Bach.
I have based my argument for Gulielmus purely on the number of times it i used here... I know some disagree that 'just because we have something written very often here, that makes it correct'. So does anyone think Gulielmus isn't the best option? Harrissimo 18:50, 4 Ianuarii 2008 (UTC).
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