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De verbo Anglico MarineRecensere

In "Gerere igitur potest personam militis vel Americani (Anglice: Marine)," what are you trying to say? It means: 'It can therefore wear the mask [manage the role] of a soldier or an American'—and where's the marine? Latin for 'marine' is often classiarius. IacobusAmor 04:16, 31 Martii 2009 (UTC)

I think the meaning is clear looking at the entire sentence: "Gerere igitur potest personam militis vel Americani (Anglice: Marine) vel Britannici (proprius Manus Aëronavalis Singularis, Anglice: SAS, Special Air Service)". In my opinion he would to say '...manage the role of a soldier, (and this soldier is) American (marine) or British (SAS)', (vel americani, vel britannici). Perhaps the long brackets break the sentence and make it a bit hard to understand, but its meaning is correct. Poecus 20:51, 10 Aprilis 2009 (UTC)

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