...mensae sunt recensere

Apsides ... mensae sunt. Metior, metiri, mensus sum, Anglice: to measure. Quare est signa quaestionis? --Robert.Baruch 01:12, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply

geocentricis recensere

Amabo te, vide Insignores orbitae cometarum proprietates (Lambert, 1761) p. 97. Geocentricis, -is, -e. --Robert.Baruch 01:15, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply

locus longinquitatis maximis aut minimis corporis recensere

Here I mean to say "the position of the largest or smallest distance of the body (from one of the...)" --Robert.Baruch 01:24, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply

But maximis & minimis are in the wrong case to modify longinquitatis. IacobusAmor 01:29, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply
Oops. Those tricksy little declensions! --Robert.Baruch 01:53, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply
Trickiness abounds! You can't have Programma verbas usa est because: (1) programma is neuter, but usa est is feminine; (2) verbas is impossible since verbum is neuter and its accusative plural is verba; and (3) usa est takes the ablative, but verbas isn't ablative. As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, "It's always something." ;) IacobusAmor 02:07, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply
Hui! I thought programma was feminine! So is the word programmum, -i? However, I did manage to catch verbas, and changed it to verbis. I'm somewhat at a disadvantage coming from this ridiculous English language without genders and an extremely poor system of declensions. I find that I have to constantly keep the gender and declension of every word at the front of my mind, or else my agreements start slipping! Hopefully with time and practice this will get easier. I have already noticed an improvement since last year. --Robert.Baruch 02:47, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply
It's programma, -atis. We can blame the Greeks! IacobusAmor 02:51, 18 Iulii 2010 (UTC)Reply
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