Alostum[1] sive Alosta[2] sive Halosta[3] (Flandrice Aalst; Francogallice Alost) est urbs Belgiae circiter  83 347 incolarum (anno 2014).

Belfredus Alosti.

Nexus interni

  1. Clavis historiae Thuanae (Ratisbonae: apud Joh. Georg. Hoffmannum, 1696). [1] Libri Googles (Latine)
  2. Cf. (Anglice) De Groote, Koen (2010). Exchanging Medieval Material Culture: Studies on archaeology and history presented to Frans Verhaeghe. Bruxellis: Vlaams Instituut voor het Onroerend Erfgoed (VIOE). p. 252. ISBN 9789075230291 : “We have some information on the early medieval situation from two 9th-century texts, in which the locus Aalst is first mentioned. Both texts are part of the property lists of the abbey of Lobbes, made around 868–869. A polyptycum lists the properties of the abbey by pagus, mentioning Alosta in the pagus Bragbattensis.
  3. Carolus Egger: Lexicon nominum locorum (=Series librorum operis fundati cui nomen "Latinitas"/1) (Romae: Libreria Edictrice Vaticana, 1977), 15.

Nexus externi

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