A Compendious Regiment

A Compendious Regiment, titulo pleno Here foloweth a Compendyous Regiment or a Dyetary of Helth, made in Mountpyllier (id est Montepessulani in Schola Medica Universitatis), est liber de regimine anno 1542 ab Andrea Boorde divulgatus et post hunc annum interdum reimpressus.


  • 1870 : The fyrst boke of the introduction of knowledge, made by Andrew Borde, of physycke doctor; a compendyous regiment or a dyetary of helth, made in Mountpyllier, compyled by Andrew Boorde, of physycke doctour; Barnes in the defence of the berde ... ed. F. J. Furnivall (Londinii: Trübner Early English Text Society) p. 222 ff.

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