Ecce regula Vicipaediana consensu instituta, cui quemque oportet obtemperare atque oboedire.
Quam si vis repudiare, noli textum mutare, nisi prius illic ceterorum assensum eris adeptus.

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Malefactor est usor (aut usor ratione creato aut usor ignotus) qui Vicipaediam malefacit.

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Notate bene, usores ignoti! Recensere

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If you have troubles when using an IP, please consider taking an account.

From the talk page of anonymous users:

Memento locos IP aliquando mutaturos, et a usoribus multis fortasse adhibitos. Si es usor ignotus, et tibi querulae sine ratione datae sunt, conventum aperi vel crea ad confusionem solvendam. Nota locum IP tuum concelatum esse convento aperto si de rebus privatis tuis es sollicitatus.

As stated above ([...] Nota locum IP tuum concelatum esse convento aperto si de rebus privatis tuis es sollicitatus. [...]) an anonymous user does not have the privacy, a named user has. If a user wants privacy, he/she needs an account.

Please do not complain ... Recensere

... if you have trouble editing as an anonymous user. Simply create an account.

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This is explained here:

  Salve usor ignote! — Vin tu usor cum nomine hic fieri?

Itan? ... macte, imprime hic !
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Suspicious IPs Recensere

Anonymous users are identified by their IP, in replacement for a username. If you are using a home wi-fi network, your IP will reveal your location up to your municipality, most likely. But if you are using a corporate or organization wi-fi network, your location may be revealed, up to your street address.

If you share your IP with a vandal, you might get in trouble. You can avoid these troubles by taking an account. We cannot help you if your IP address is blocked because of another person's misbehavior.

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Vide etiam Vicipaedia:MediaWiki.

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