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Here you will find important informaton about user RubiksMaster110. Feel free to talk to him at his talk page.
Today is dies Lunae, September 26, 2022. There is a total of 159 492 Users, 137 050 Articles, 0 Images and 3 696 073 edits, all in Vicipaedia. Remember that because every one of us, those numbers would be less than what they are right now. Remember that every one of us is a very important part in this project.
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My name is Ricardo Andres Pineda, I was born a 13 of march of 1998 in the city of Comayagua, Honduras, I'm 11 years old. I live in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I am currently at sixth grade at International School Tegucigalpa, also known as IST. I consider myself a very mature and extrovert person. If you want to be my friend, don't forget to ask me Here.

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As you can see, I try to contribute the most I can In several Wikimedia Projects. My home wiki is Spanish Wikipedia and I have over 10.000 edits there since my last update. I'm a rollbacker on Spanih Wikipedia. I'm also a Rollbacker on simple english Wikipedia. I am working really hard to become a Global Rollbacker and to become an admin on Wikimedia Commons. I am mostly active on Spanish Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, Simple English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Meta-Wiki and Spanish Wikinews.

I can also be found on Dutch Wikipedia, Portuguese Wikipedia, Spanish Wikisource, Spanish Wikiquote, English Wikiquote, English Wikisource, Simple English Wiktionary, Wikispecies, Rumanian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Incubator.

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Most of the edits I do is Anti-Vandalism work. I normally use Huggle and Twinkle for anti-vandalism work. I mostly work on this on late hours, so you will rarely find me doing things like this in the morning. I also have a very strict policy on things like warning vandals, because, like I say, not every bad action has intentions to be vandalism, so therefore, vandalism warnings are not needed. I also like to explain to a vandal when I am waning them, because most of them don't know what is about to happen, and if they do know what is going to happen, the blocks could be prevented.

I made a section about this in my user page because I feel like Anti-Vandalism work is done wrong, and I think we need to do something about it.

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