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'''Georgius Carolus Berendt''' ([[Theodisce]]: ''Georg Karl Berendt''; nati estnatus die [[13 Iulii]] [[1790]] – mortuus est die [[4 Ianuarii]] [[1850]]) fuit studiosus [[medicina]]e, [[botanista]]e et [[palaeontologia]]e [[Germania|Germanicus]].
<!-- He studied medicine and [[botany]] at the [[University of Königsberg]], and from 1814 practiced medicine in Danzig. He is remembered for amassing a large collection of [[amber]] [[inclusion (mineral)|inclusion]]s that numbered to 4216 specimens of embedded remains of plants, insects, [[arachnid]]s, [[myriapod]]s, et al. His collection is now housed at the [[Museum für Naturkunde]] in [[Berlin]]. -->
Usor anonymus