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[[Fasciculus:Heinrich Göppert.jpg|right|thumb|240px|''Henricus Göppert'']]
'''Johannes Henricus Robertus Göppert''' ([[Theodisce]]: ''Johann Heinrich Robert Göppert'' vel ''Heinrich Göppert'', [[abbrevatio]] in [[botanice|botanica]] '''"Göpp"''' ). natus die [[25 Iulii]] [[1800]] [[Sprottau]] in [[Silesia|Silesia inferiori]] -; [[Vratislavia]]e mortuus die [[18 Maii]] [[1884]]), fuit studiosus [[medicina]]e, [[botanista]]e et [[palaeontologia]]e [[Germania|Germanicus]]. [[Nomina abbreviata botanistarum et mycologorum|Siglum scientificum]] eius est ''' Göpp'''.
<!-- He became a professor of botany, as well as [[curator]] of the [[botanical garden]]s in [[Breslau]]. In 1852 he became director of the botanical gardens. He was particularly known for his scientific work in [[paleobotany]], and he published many articles in this field. Göppert also did extensive research involving the formation of coal and [[amber]], as well as comparison studies between existing and fossil [[flora]]. -->
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