Quantum redactiones paginae "Vicipaedia:Taberna/Tabularium 12" differant

:::::::::: One might wonder what's Avitus's source (except for Romance languages). Iacobus found at least one textual locus (above) which scarcely refers to a frame. --[[Usor:Neander|Neander]] 00:19, 13 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
:::::::::::It might if it they are refering to microfilm or microfiche frames, where each frame contains a different page of the manuscript. Remember those are like movies.--[[Usor:Rafaelgarcia|Rafaelgarcia]] 00:32, 13 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
::::::::::::The way I see it is this: -graphia denotes a fine art (Photographia, Cinematographia, Calligarphia etc) while -graphema denotes a work of fine art. The prototype of this morphemic ''pattern'' is from Ancient Greek. Confer: ζωγράφος "painter" > ζωγραφέω "I paint" > ζωγράφημα "picture" or ζωγράφος "painter" > ζωγραφία "picture". So, there ''is'' an assumed verb -γραφέ-ω which gives -γράφημα: φωτογραφέω (Katharevousa Greek) > φωτογράφημα > photographema. (Photogramma on the other hand should rather be analyzed as phos+gramma and semantically a "photogram" is a special kind of a "photograph".) This also means that the formal graecolatin name for a "movie" should be cinematographema. Of course, even in Traditional Greek the rule is not very strict: ζωγράφημα and ζωγραφία, καλλιγράφημα and καλλιγραφία, φωτογράφημα and φωτογραφία etc, can be occasionally synonymous, but it would be useful if we make a disambiguation when using the ''pattern'' in Latin. And of course, structuralistic terminology is irrelevant to the ''pattern''; in struct, termin. you just grab the root of any noun and then stick an -eme after it in order to define a structural unit! :) Btw, speaking of structuralism and sociodarwinism, how should we render behavioreme and meme to Latin? Shall I propose comportema ([[Disputatio:Mores|comportamentum]] + -ema "structural unit") / morema (<mos) / behaviorema for the former, and memum (mi''mem''a (<μίμημα<μιμέομαι) + gen''um'' "gene") for the latter?
:::::::::::::Thanks. That sorts it out. Photographeo on the pattern of zographeo produces photographema. I can't think why grapho should shift to another conjugation in compounds though![[Specialis:Conlationes/|]] 12:39, 17 Augusti 2009 (UTC)
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