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*Mutiny (Subversio)<!--, carried out by military or security forces against their commanders-->
*Nonviolent resistance vel ''civil disobedience'' (Detrectatio pacifica aut inoboedientia civilis)<!--, which do not include violence or paramilitary force-->
*Rebellion (Seditio)
*Resistance movement (Conspiratio)<!--, carried out by [[freedom fighter]]s, often against an occupying foreign power-->
*Revolt (Rebellatio)<!--, a term that is sometimes used for a more localized rebellions rather than a general uprising-->
*Revolution (Rerum Eversio)<!--, carried out by radicals, usually meant to overthrow the current government-->
*Riot (Tumultus)
*Sabotage (Obstructio et insidia)
*Subversion (Occulta eversio)<!--Redmond--><!--, nonovert attempts at sabotaging a government, carried out by spies or other subversives-->
*Terrorism (Tromocratia)<!--, carried out by different kinds of political or religious extremists-->
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