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(Paginam instituit, scribens '220px|thumb|Statua [[Petrus Gerlofs Donia|Petri Gerlofs Donia, incluti hominis seditiosi et popularis viri fortissimi Frisiae]] '''Seditio'...')
Nonnulli termini genera seditionis describunt.<!-- and they range from those with positive connotations to those with pejorative connotations.--> Exempla Anglice sunt<!--FIX THESE LATER-->:
*Demonstration (Manifestatio)
*Insurgence, insurgency (Rebellio)
*Mutiny (Subversio)<!--, carried out by military or security forces against their commanders-->
*Nonviolent resistance vel ''civil disobedience'' (Detrectatio pacifica aut inoboedientia ivilis)<!--, which do not include violence or paramilitary force-->
*Resistance movement (Conspiratio)<!--, carried out by [[freedom fighter]]s, often against an occupying foreign power-->
*Revolt <!--, a term that is sometimes used for a more localized rebellions rather than a general uprising-->
*Revolution (Rerum Eversio)<!--, carried out by radicals, usually meant to overthrow the current government-->
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