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: Performing cosmetic changes is ok, but please edit your cosmetic_changes.py and add <code>8201, # &amp;thinsp;</code> to the ignore list of resolveHtmlEntities (around line number 280) so that your bot will not convert &amp;thinsp; to its character equivalent.
: Welcome here! --[[Usor:UV|UV]] 23:13, 28 Aprilis 2009 (UTC)
::Salve UV, thank you for your friendly welcome message. I will seriously consider to write articles here, although for the moment (until June) I will have to fit it in my busy schedule of finishing my master's thesis et cetera. I would be glad to be mentored, because I suppose I will make many mistakes (which of course, will vanishdisappear as time and knowledge progresses ;-)).
::I made some corrections in cosmetic_changes.py and will ask someone later on to upload it to SVN. Kind regards, --[[Usor:Maurits|Maurits]] 00:30, 29 Aprilis 2009 (UTC)