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'''"La Bamba"''' est carmen plebeium de [[Veracrux|Veracruce]] in [[Mexicum|Mexico]], unum ex notissimis carminibus Mexicanis. Inter populos Mexicanos in [[CFA]], carmen favorem diu accepit, et annos [[1940]] in radio [[America]]no interdum cantum est. Anno [[1958]], [[Ricardus Valenzuela]] (''Ricardo Valenzuela'' quoque ''Richie Valens'' appellatus), cantor Mexicano-americanus, carmen conversum rockicum disco mandavit. Mense Februario proximi anni, is, [[Buddy Holly]], et [[Big Bopper]] musicis in fragore aeroplanica perierunt. Anno [[1987]], grex Los Lobos carmen cecinit in ''[[La Bamba (pellicula|La Bamba]],'' [[pellicula]] de Valens vita, et suum discum eiusdem carminis factum est solum discum in lingua Hispanica quod summam musicae popularis cartam in CFA attigit.
== Carminis origo et auctus ==
Carminis musica fortasse abhinc annos trecenti in [[Mexicum|Mexico]] orta est. A [[flamencum|flamenco]] [[Hispania|Hispanico]] et [[rhythmus|rhythmis]] Afro-Mexicanis recentius impulsum, carmen [[violinus|violino]], [[harana|haranis]], [[cithara]], et [[harpa]] nunc utitur, et in [[vox falsa|voce falsa]] saepissime canitur. Carminis verba magnopere variant quod permulta acroamata ex tempore canunt.<!--
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The traditional song inspired [[Ritchie Valens]]' [[rock and roll]] version "La Bamba" in the [[1950s]]. Valens' "La Bamba" infused the traditional tune with a rock beat, making the song accessible to the population of the [[United States]] and earning it (and Valens) a place in rock history. The song features [[simple verse-chorus form]]. Valens learned the Spanish lyrics phonetically, as he had been raised from birth speaking English. Valens' version of La Bamba is ranked number 345 on ''[[Rolling Stone magazine]]'''s list of the [[500 Greatest Songs of All Time]]. It is the only song on the list not sung in [[English language|English]]. Ritchie Valens' tapping into a Mexican folksong unwittingly paved the way for ''[[Twist and Shout]]'' and all the other songs based on it since 1962. . . .-->
== Nexus ==
*[http://www.lyrix.at/de/text_show/a66dcbd925456a41bf7e196a880a7eac Carminis verba]
*[http://www.mexconnect.com/mex_/travel/jcar/jcbamba.html "La Bamba" exposita, vel musica Veracruzensis]
*[http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/6596190/la_bamba Scientia de "La Bamba" ex ''Rolling Stone'']
== Fons ==
*Hermes Rafael. [[1982]]. ''Origen e Historia del Mariachi.'' [[Mexicum (urbs)|Mexici]]: Katún.
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*Hermes Rafael. [[1982]]. ''Origen e Historia del Mariachi.'' [[Mexicum (urbs)|Mexici]]: Katún.
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