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::Factum sit. =]--[[Usor:Ioshus Rocchio|Ioshus Rocchio]] 19:27, 6 Februarii 2006 (UTC)
Well, I just have... [[Usor:D Ambulans|D Ambulans]] 19:31, 10 Februarii 2006 (UTC)
::Aequatio seems to work, btw...--[[Usor:Ioshus Rocchio|Ioshus Rocchio]] 23:25, 14 Februarii 2006 (UTC)
Ave! Can you help me fix that? [[Fluvius Magnus Meridionalis]] It '''should''' look like one of those tables on the right describing a State but I got the template from the Portuguese Wikipédia and something did not transfer... Thanks a lot![[Usor:D Ambulans|D Ambulans]] 13:05, 16 Februarii 2006 (UTC)
Yes, a good idea moving to the Vicipaedia namespace, and nice of you to assemble all those links. I would use ops instead of auxilium, though, auxilium having a more militaristic sense about it. I'll go ahead and translate the page.--[[Usor:Ioshus Rocchio|Ioshus Rocchio]] 01:37, 27 Februarii 2006 (UTC)
==Back from lunch==
I'm back from lunch :) You already know that by now, but I believe '''part''' of the problem may be related to the fact that<br>usor Thomas Aquinas (wow, that's what I call a '''modest''' choice of screen name...) has difficulty in reading in English and his "Anglicum est, non legitur"<br> may be a good source of problems when it comes to mastering the intricacies of Vicipaedia editing. <br>I have translated my long Taberna point into Portuguese, so I hope we can see eye to eye from now on. Thanks for your constant help, '''amice'''![[Usor:D Ambulans|D Ambulans]] 00:02, 1 Martii 2006 (UTC)
==Henricus V et Imperatores Romani Sacri==
I have removed the '''Categoria:Imperatores Romani Sacri''' tag from the [[Henricus V]] page because this '''Henricus Quintus''' is the play by William Shakespeare about Henry V the English King [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_V_of_England] and not Henry V the Holy Roman Emperor [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_V%2C_Holy_Roman_Emperor].
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