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==Chios== discretiva pages should not keep content
(==Chios== discretiva pages should not keep content)
::So, if you now want a new subcategory "Insulae Samoae"', you can follow that same procedure. Your supercategories, I guess, would be <nowiki>[[Categoria:Insulae Oceaniae]] (the one I have just created) and [[Categoria:Samoa]]</nowiki>. You would begin by editing the page for a Samoan island so that your proposed category is listed at the foot of the page; save the edit; and then click on the redlink for the not-yet-created category. Follow the above procedure, and you've done it. <font face="Gill Sans">[[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew]]<font color="green">[[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby| Dalby]]</font></font> 19:41, 29 Octobris 2008 (UTC)
:::Macte, amice! I won't get around to creating categories for a while, though; right now, I have to prepare for tonight's televised Obamathon. Good to know that these instructions will stay here for reference. [[Usor:IacobusAmor|IacobusAmor]] 21:02, 29 Octobris 2008 (UTC)
I read your comment on [[Chios]]. In my opinion discretiva pages should not keep content: It might be difficult to categorize them. Discretiva pages are not (thematically) categorized. A page - except discretiva pages - should talk just about one concept. Then it can be put into a category easily. Discretiva pages should only keep the information to be able to distinguish between the listed concepts. This also avoids redundancy. --[[Usor:Rolandus|Rolandus]] 08:47, 1 Novembris 2008 (UTC)
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