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'''Galfridus Monemutensis''',<ref>Nomine varie scripto: etiam '''Galfredus''', '''Gaufridus''', '''Monemuthensis''', '''Monmutensis''', etc.</ref> ca. [[1100]] natus, mortuus ca. [[1155]], fuit clericus, historicus maioris monenti historiographiae Britannicae priscae, et fons insignis fabularum de [[Arthurus Rex|Arthuri Regis]].
== Vita ==
His birthplace is unknown but he may have been born in [[Monmouth]] in [[Wales]], possibly of [[Brittany|Breton]] ancestry. Certainly he had significant connections to [[Monmouth]] as his name suggests and the descriptions of [[Caerleon]] in ''[[Historia Regum Britanniae]]'' indicate familarity with the area. He studied at [[Oxford University]], where he met [[Walter of Oxford|Walter]], who was [[Archdeacon of Oxford]]. On 21 February [[1152]] [[Archbishop of Canterbury|Archbishop]] [[Theobald of Bec|Theobald]] consecrated Geoffrey as bishop of [[St Asaph]], having ordained him a priest 10 days before. "There is no evidence that he ever visited his see" writes [[Lewis Thorpe]], "and indeed the wars of [[Owain Gwynedd]] make this most unlikely."<ref>From the introduction to his translation of ''The History of the Kings of Britain'' (London: Penguin Books, 1966), p. 12.</ref> Geoffrey attested about six different charters between the years 1129 and 1151; the date of his death is recorded in the Welsh Chronicles.--->
Adulescens doctrinae se dedit apud universitatem Oxoniensem. Anno 1152 consecratus est archiepiscopus sedis Sancti Asaphi [[Cambria]]e.
== Opera ==
Opus primum Galfridi fuit ''[[Prophetiae Merlini]]'', ante annum 1135 scriptum, partim a poematibus [[bardus|bardorum]] sumptum, ubi [[Merlinus]] [[Arthurus Rex|regis Arthuri]] vates praedicit res futuras insulae [[Britannia]]e regnorumque Cambriae et [[Anglia]]e.
Opus tertium Galfridi poema est epicum, ''[[Vita Merlini]]'' appellatum, sub anno 1150 scriptum.
== Notae ==
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== Nexus externi ==
*{{Vicifons|Historia Regum Britanniae|''Historia Regum Britanniae''}}
*[http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/eng/vm/index.htm ''Vita Merlini''] [Latine]
== Bibliographia ==
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