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m (carminem canserunt--->carmen cecinerunt. &c.)
==Carminis origo et auctus==
Carminis musica fortasse abhinc annos trecenti in [[Mexicum|Mexico]] orta est. A [[flamenco]] [[Hispania|Hispanico]] et [[rhythmus|rhythmis]] Afro-Mexicanis recentius impulsum, carmen [[violinus|violino]], [[harana|haranis]], [[chitarracithara]], et [[harpa]] nunc utitur, et in [[vox falsa|voce falsa]] saepissime canitur.<!--
ex en: Lyrics to the song greatly vary, as performers often improvise verses while performing. However, versions (such as those by musical groups [[Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan]] and [[Los Pregoneros del Puerto]]) have survived due to the artists' popularity and have become the "definitive" versions. The traditional aspect of "La Bamba" lies in the tune itself, which remains the same through all versions. The name of the dance, which has no direct English translation, is presumably connected with the Spanish verb ''bambolear'', meaning "to shake", or perhaps "to stomp". A dissenting view holds that the dance originated in or near one of the towns named [[Bamba]] in [[Angola]] or the [[DR Congo]].
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