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::Lex belli looks good. Ius ? like rights or justice? hmmm. I'll be using this for [[Ferdinandus Marcos]]. How does 'Declaravit legem bellium' sound? I'll check the notre dam latin dictionary for the grammar. In many dicattorships, the dicator blames or secretly creates an emergency or act of terror then declares a state of emergency and martial law. Thanks Jacob and Ceylon.--<s>[[Specialis:Conlationes/|]] 14:52, 18 Ianuarii 2008 (UTC)</s>--[[Usor:Jondel|Jondel]] 14:53, 18 Ianuarii 2008 (UTC)
== Question ==
How would one say 'teddy bear' (as in - small stuffed bear-shaped fluffy toy) in Latin? Stupid question, isn't it? Thanks in advance, cheers, [[Usor:Ouro|Ouro]] 15:46, 18 Ianuarii 2008 (UTC)