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converti latine
(just a start)
m (converti latine)
<div style="background-color:#ffcccc; padding:25px; margin:25px;">'''<!-- Problem -->[[Imago:Crystal 128 error.png|30px]] ThisLatinitas article'shuius Latincommentationis isest too badpessima.'''
<!-- Explanation -->AnUt articleteneantur, hascommentationes toscribendae havesunt aet minimumcum levelvera ofsapientia '''et''' cum bona [[Vicipaedia:Latinitas|LatinitasLatinitate]] to stay here. SeeVide alsoetiam {{fn|latinitas}}.<br />
<small>Formulae aliae: {{fn|non latine}} &mdash; {{fn|iocus}}</small>
<!-- Solution -->OptionsViae apertae:
*ImproveLatinius therescribe, Latinet anditerum re-rateda the articlegradum. SeeVide etiam {{fn|latinitas}}.
*UseUtere {{fn|tiro}}.
*UseUtere {{fn|in progressu}}.
*OrRoga ask for helpopem, maybeforsan in the [[Vicipaedia:Taberna]].
[[Imago:Keep tidy ask.svg|30px]] <!-- Policy -->IfSi thepraeter problemhebdomadem iserrores not resolved within 1 weekmaneant, the page will bedelebitur deletedcommentatio.</div><noinclude>
''(Debet formula converti multis linguis.)''
''(This template should be multilingual.)''
==De usu==
Utere hac formula si Latinitas commentationis nimis mala est.
This template should be used for articles where the Latin is to bad for keeping the article.
==Vide etiam==
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