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[[ImageImago:John Gould.jpg|right|thumb|180px|JohnIoannes Gould]]
'''John Gould''' ([[14 September]] [[1804]] – [[3 February]] [[1881]]) was an [[England|English]] [[ornithologist]]. The [[Gould League]] in [[Australia]] was named after him. His identification of [[Charles Darwin]]'s [[finch]]es was pivotal in the development of the theory of [[The Origin of Species]].
'''Ioannes Gould''' (natus die [[14 Septembris]] [[1804]] – obiit die [[3 Februarii]] [[1881]]) fuit ornithologus Anglicus.
His son [[Charles Gould]] was notable as [[geologia|geological]] surveyor.
== Nexus externi ==
* [http://www.amonline.net.au/exhibitions/gould/ John Gould Inc.] - Exhibition at the Australian Museum
* [http://www.amonline.net.au/research_library/johngould.htm Research Library – John Gould and the bird illustrators]
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* [http://gallica.bnf.fr/scripts/catalog.php?Mod=i&Auteur=John+Gould Scanned books from Gallica]
* [http://www.mirroroftheworld.com.au/exploration/terra_australis/mammals_australia.php The Mammals of Australia] - Series of high resolution images taken from the 1845 edition.
* [http://gutenberg.net.au/dictbiog/0-dict-biogG.html#gould1 Gould at Gütenberg project]
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== NotaeNexus externus ==
* ''The Ruling Passion of John Gould'' by Isabella Tree ISBN 0-7126-2158-X
{{communia|John Gould|Ioannem Gould}}
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* ''The Bird Man - The Extraordinary Story of John Gould'' - Isabella Tree, 1991. ISBN 0-09-189579-0
* ''Portraits of the Honorary Members of the Ipswich Museum'' (Portfolio of 60 lithographs by T.H. Maguire) (Publisher: George Ransome, Ipswich, 1846-1852).
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