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I have added an alternative term "computator". This is attested to Seneca in F.P. Leverett's ''Lexicon of the Latin Language'', 1850. The definition given is ''a computist''. While this refers to a person and not a machine, the English word computer also originally refered to a person. The first definition given in ''The American Heritage Dictionary (Second Edition)'' for '''computer''' is '''1.''' ''A person who computes''. In the Army artillery the officer charged with computing the fire for the guns is called the Computer. I therefore would submit that an attested classical word should be used for the modern electronic machine. I have not taken the liberty but I would also suggest that this become the primary Latin word used.
--[[Usor:Fortis|Fortis]] 04:27, 23 Octobris 2007 (UTC)
:Mihi placet nomen 'computator' (is qui computat) additum esse. Vide [[Ricardus Feynman|Ricardum Feynman]], qui, instrumento electronico carens, ''computatra humana'' administravit.[[Usor:Montivagus|Montivagus]] 04:43, 23 Octobris 2007 (UTC)
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