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Summarium vacuum
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Tags: Reverted Recensio mobilis Recensio in situ mobili
<div align=left>[[Imago:Bullet blue.png]] <small>De hac re [[Vicipaedia:Nexus desiderati|nexus intervici]] usque adhuc absunt. Adde, si reppereris.</small></div>[[Categoria:Nexus usque adhuc absunt]]
==Comments on this template==
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This is a blank template to mark articles which at present are unique to Vicipaedia and therefore have no interwiki links.
*If you have not verified whether pages exist on other wikis, do not use this link: instead use {{fn|Nexus desiderati}}.
*If you can add interwiki links, please do so and remove this template.
Click on "[[:Categoria:Nexus usque adhuc absunt|Nexus usque adhuc absunt]]" at the bottom (in the categoria section) to see a list of pages tagged with this template.
==Vide etiam==
* [[Vicipaedia:Nexus desiderati]]
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