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:::I contributed the majority of edits on that project: several others helped. I think we did it as a bold experiment, which failed: no active community developed. The fact that Wikivoyages in all languages (even English) get low visitor ratings didn't help. Hence we recommended closure, maybe two years ago now. I'm surprised it still exists!
:::All that having been said, if others now wanted to re-start it, I have absolutely no objection. But it takes several active, enthusiastic and linguistically competent users to get a wiki project going. [[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew Dalby]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby|disputatio]]) 09:59, 26 Ianuarii 2021 (UTC)
::::I agree on the community issue. I think Latin Wikivoyage ''could'' have a purpose, but it would need to consider what Latin readers are likely to want from a travel guide. I think that's fairly obvious: if it could concentrate on guides related to antiquity, the Reformation, or anything else that had a particular reason to be written in Latin then there is a niche available. But it does start from the question, who'd write it? And now isn't the right time to ask, as nobody is going anywhere. [[Usor:JimKillock|JimKillock]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:JimKillock|disputatio]])
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