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== Isabelle de Charrière ==
Hello Rei Momo, Could you write/translate the article of [[Isabella de Charrière]] for the Latin Wikipedia? Maurice Quentin de La Tour (with two pastels of Isabelle] is already in Latin, as well as Philippe Godet (her biographer in 1906) and her asteroid.
Could you do it also for the Gallician wikipedia and maybe also for the Occitan wikipedia?
That would be appreciated. [[Usor:Boss-well63|Boss-well63]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Boss-well63|disputatio]]) 14:40, 12 Februarii 2020 (UTC)
: Thanks Rei Momo [[Usor:Boss-well63|Boss-well63]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Boss-well63|disputatio]]) 18:31, 12 Februarii 2020 (UTC)
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