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== Saint-bearing municipality names in Latin ==
Good day again Andrew Dalby! I'm having some difficulty over the accepted or standard norm for Latin translation or names of Philippine municipalities bearing the names of saints as I add city/municipality lists in some articles of Philippine provinces:
For example:
* In [[Leyte Septemtrionalis]]: Sancti Isidorus for [[:en:San Isidro, Leyte]]
* In [[Iloilo (provincia)]]: Sancti Ioachim (or Sanctus Ioachimus?) for [[:en:San Joaquin, Iloilo]]
* However, in [[Caebua]] I used "Sanctus": Sanctus Fernandus ([[:en:San Fernando, Cebu]]), Sanctus Franciscus ([[:en:San Francisco, Cebu]]), and Sanctus Remigius ([[:en:San Remigio, Cebu]]). I don't know if this is correct in terms of toponym.
* In [[Cagayan]], I didn't change "Santo Niño." ([[:en:Santo Niño, Cagayan]])
* In [[Isabela (provincia)]], I used "Sanctiacobi" for [[:en:Santiago, Isabela]] since I searched it being used in an another place name here ([[Sanctiacobi (Brasilia)]]). For [[:en:Santa Maria, Isabela]], I used Sancta Maria based on pattern at [[Bulacan]].
I need some guidance on this. Thanks! [[Usor:JWilz12345|JWilz12345]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:JWilz12345|disputatio]]) 04:12, 6 Aprilis 2020 (UTC)