Quantum redactiones paginae "Vicipaedia:Taberna" differant

::::::::I apologise for not commenting here before: as anyone might observe, I have been slightly fixated on tuna and oysters over this period, and I failed to see the above comments until now. I designed those Wikidata infoboxes and I am well aware of their limitations, but my aim, as UV hints, was to ensure that we can have infoboxes that are neat, regular, and as up-to-date as Wikidata -- and to give us all more time for writing Latin text etc. rather than filling in boxes -- and to encourage us to place notable information right there in the text. So I am in favour of the change that UV proposes. As discussed, a list of pages affected will allow anyone working on a particular page or region to verify whether something useful has been lost.
::::::::I agree, too, that telephone number prefixes, license plate patterns, etc., aren't really needed in our text. I doubt if a single reader will come to Vicipaedia for this information. [[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew Dalby]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby|disputatio]]) 19:26, 10 Ianuarii 2020 (UTC)
== ZEIT de quaestione utilitatis linguae latinae ==
Diurnarium Germanicum ZEIT articulum habet quo de utilitate quaeritur nostra aetate linguam latinam discendi. [https://www.zeit.de/gesellschaft/schule/2019-11/latein-lateinunterricht-schulfach-fremdsprache-vorteile?utm_source=pocket-newtab] --[[Usor:Alex1011|Alex1011]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Alex1011|disputatio]]) 20:01, 10 Ianuarii 2020 (UTC)
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