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[[Fasciculus:Beowulf Cotton MS Vitellius A XV f.firstpage 132r.jpegjpg|thumb|Prima [[poemacarmen|carminis]]tis pagina ([[Bibliotheca Britannica]] MS. Cotton Vitellius A XV f. 132r)]]
'''''Beowulf''''' est heroicum 3183 versuum [[carmen epicum]], inter annos [[700]] et [[1000]] [[lingua Anglica Antiqua|Saxonice]] ab auctore ignoto compositum. [[Carmen]] in [[unus|uno]] [[liber|libro]] manu scripto servatur, olim [[Bibliotheca Cottoniana|Bibliothecae Cottonianae]], hodie in [[Bibliotheca Britannica]] comprehensa, siglo [[BL Cotton Vitellius A.xv]] cognito, anno circiter 1000 exscripto. [[Verbum (grammatica generalis)|Verbum]] ''Beowulf'' est nomen [[heros|herois]] poematis, qui [[monstra]] ''[[Grendel]]em'' et [[mater|matrem]] eius occidit. Etiam [[Draco (Beowulfus)|draco]]nem necat Götaland regressus, rex factus. In proelio vulnus factus sepultusque in tumulo est a suis.<!--In carmine, Beowulf, Geatorum heros, tres [[antagonista]]s pugnat: [[Grendel]]em, qui attacking the Danish [[mead hall]] called [[Heorot]] and its inhabitants; ''[[mater Grendelis]]''; and, later in life after returning to [[Götaland|Geatland]] (modern southern [[Sweden]]) and becoming a king, an unnamed [[dragon]]. He is mortally wounded in the final battle, and after his death he is buried in a [[tumulus|barrow]] in Geatland by his retainers.-->