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== Taxoboxes ==
I've been redesigning the taxobox so that it looks a bit more like our later infoboxes. Having done the general work I found I needed to visit all the taxoboxes that have a "Fossil range" section (about 200 of them). It took me quite some time to see how the formula {{fn|Fossil range}} worked. Having begun to grasp it I was struck by how many different ways editors had discovered to avoid using it quite as intended (mostly editors on en:wiki, copied-and-pasted here). But it's not really surprising, because the usage is not self-evident and easy to get wrong.
Anyway, I decided I had to rework all instances of the "Fossil range" section. I think that all the formulae {{fn|Fossil range}} are now consistently used: they all show a date range on the timeline diagram, though in some cases it's too brief to be visible; they all show both the date range and the first-and-last geological periods in text form, and the periods are all linked to relevant articles. I think. See for example [[Hominidae]] (it's the "palaeontologia" section of the taxobox). I decided that "Recent" is [[Recens]] (redirected to "Holocaenum"), not the many other Latin versions that we have all used. I decided that the correct case for the geological periods is the accusative of length-of-time, because the taxon concerned lived during the period concerned -- and since the period names are adjectives functioning as neuter nouns, the accusative always has the same form as our pagename, making the links so very nice and simple. I felt really happy after deciding this, and began to apply it to every page that came up in "Nexus ad paginam".