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("E.V." is not Latin but English pseudo-Latin (Era Vulgaris or era vulgaris - used by Crowley, Thelemites, see e.g. http://www.thelema101.com/calendar : "Thelemites ... append the initials e.v. after the date ... phrase "''era vulgaris''""), thus it's as much Latin as Handy (mobile phone) is English, i..e. it ain't Latin, and that's also obvious by the use of E and Era/era)
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| [[Anglice]] || B.C., BC<br>(B. C.) || A.D., AD<br>(A. D.) || B.C.E., BCE || [[:en:Common Era|C.E., CE]]<br>e.v. [era vulgaris]<ref>[http://www.thelema101.com/calendar Thelema 101: ''Thelemic Calendar and Holidays''] (Anglice)</ref>
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| [[Batave]] || v.Chr. || n.Chr. || v.g.j.<br>v.o.j.<br>v.d.g.j. || [[:nl:Gangbare jaartelling|g.j.]]<br>n.o.j.<br>n.d.g.j.