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* ''-tio''
*Agent nouns, like "reader" or "runner," can be formed with the suffix ''-tor''. The stem of the agent will always the same form as the fourth principleprincipal part, thus:
:#''amo -are -avi amatum'' '''>''' ''amator''
:#''video -ere -i visum'' '''>''' ''visor''
*The feminine equivalent of ''-tor'' is ''-trix''. Like ''-tor'', ''-trix'' is generally appended to the stem of the fourth principle part. One difference, however, is that there will always be a t, whether or not it's in the fourth principle part, thus: ''amatrix'' ''sumptrix'' ''captrix'' ''auditrix'' but ''vistrix'' (rather than "*visrix" or anything like that).
**''-trix'' nouns are fairly often used as feminine adjectives (''-tor'' nouns may as well, but this seems to be much rarer) as in ''Roma Victrix'' "Victorious Rome." This has a somewhat poetic quality, and often has a negative connotation, especially with words like ''dominatrix'' (even before it acquired its modern sexual meaning!)
===Tools and Machines===
*English can use agent nouns as names of machines, e.g. "computer," "capacitator," "garbage compactor" etc. Latin does not generally use its agent suffix this way.