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== Mythologia comparativa ==
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Mythologia comparativa est systematica [[mythos|mythorum]] ex variis [[cultura|culturis]] comparatio, quae proposita celata invenire conatur quae in mythis multarum culturarum sunt communia.<ref name="Littleton, p. 32">Littleton, Covington (1973), p 32.</ref> Mythologistae comparativae aliquando per similarites inter varias mythologias arguunt illas mythologias communem fontem habere, qui fortasse est communis monitus fons<!--common source of inspiration--> <!-- (e.g. a certain natural phenomenon that inspired similar myths in different cultures)--> vel communis "protomythologia" quae se in varias mythologias quas hodie videmus evolvit.<ref name="Littleton, p. 32"/> <!--
Nineteenth-century interpretations of myth were often highly comparative, seeking a common origin for all myths.<ref>Leonard</ref> Eruditi autem hodierni solent to be more suspicious of comparative approaches, avoiding overly general or universal statements about mythology.<ref name="Northup, p. 8">Northup, p. 8.</ref> One exception to this modern trend is [[Joseph Campbell]]'s book ''[[The Hero With a Thousand Faces]]'', which claims that all [[hero]] myths follow the same underlying pattern. Haec doctrina "[[monomythus|monomythi]]" is out of favor with the mainstream study of mythology.<ref name="Northup, p. 8"/> -->