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::Hi, Steven. I've just been invited to speak about Vicipaedia at itWikiCon 2018 in November, and I shall be explaining, you can be sure, that Latin is much more than a historic language (though it is that too).
::I must say I used not to have a high opinion of the policy-making on LangCom, but I feel confident it's all the better with its current membership :) One of its worst faults has been this dull insistence that all languages (even languages in which computer arcana have never yet been named) must be endowed wuth a full set of administrative messages in native speech, which must be continually revised because the MediaWiki environment is always changing, and revised under a new interface each time because the interface, too, is always changing. The time it all takes! I praise those who nobly continue to edit these messages, but to me finding the names of real things and writing articles about real things are more important. [[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew Dalby]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby|disputatio]]) 18:05, 6 Septembris 2018 (UTC)
::If this seems intemperate, it could be because I was about to take part in a not-very-easy municipal council meeting :) [[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew Dalby]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby|disputatio]]) 13:18, 7 Septembris 2018 (UTC)
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