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'''Unitas astronomica''' ('''''ua''''') est unitas intervalli, non ad [[systema Internationale|systema SI]] attiniensattinens, quae longitudinem mediam inter [[Sol|Solem]] et [[Tellus (planeta)|Tellurem]] describit. [[Unio Astronomica Internationalis]] (UAI) anno [[2012]] hanc unitatem ita definivit: '''1 ua = 149&thinsp;597&thinsp;870&thinsp;700 [[metrum|m]]'''.<ref>E. V. Pitjeva, E. M. Standish (2009): ''Proposals for the masses of the three largest asteroids, the Moon-Earth mass ratio and the Astronomical Unit.'' in: ''Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy.'' vol. 103,, pp. 365–372, {{doi|10.1007/s10569-009-9203-8}}.</ref><ref>{{citation |contribution=RESOLUTION B2 on the re-definition of the astronomical unit of length |title=RESOLUTION B2 | editor-last = International Astronomical Union |publisher=[[Unio Astronomica Internationalis]] |place=Pekini Sinarum |date=31 Augusti 2012 | contribution-url = http://www.iau.org/static/resolutions/IAU2012_English.pdf |quote=The XXVIII General Assembly of International Astronomical Union recommends [adopted] that the astronomical unit be re-defined to be a conventional unit of length equal to exactly {{val|149597870700}} metres, in agreement with the value adopted in IAU 2009 Resolution B2}}</ref>
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