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(Syndroma can not be a neuter, as it suposes that it is derived from something like συνδρωμα. Greek, συνδρομή is used by Galen for 'concurrence of symptoms, 'clinical picture', Kraus (1844) refers to συνδρομή and uses syndrome)
'''Odynorgasmia,''' (e verbis [[lingua Graeca|Graecis]] ὀδὐνη "dolor" et ὀργασμός "orgasmus") vel '''[[eiaculatio]] molestis,''' est [[syndroma]] [[corpus (physica)|physica]], cui [[dolor]] sensusve urendi in [[urethra]] vel [[perineum|perineo]] per vel post eiaculationem attributus est. Inter causas sunt [[inflammatio]]nes cumsicut [[Urethritis|urethriteurethritis]], [[Prostatitis|prostatiteprostatitis]], [[Epididymitis|epididymiteepididymitis]] consociatae et usus [[antidepressensantidepressivum|antidepressentiumantidepressivorum]]{{dubsig}}<!--antidepressants-->.<ref>Richard Balon et R. Taylor Segraves, ''Handbook of sexual dysfunction'', Informa Healthcare, ed. 1a (14 Aprilis, p. 241.</ref><ref>P. Donnellan, O. Breathnach, et J. P. Crown (2001), "Odynorgasmia," ''Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology'' 35(2):158. PMID 11411663. DOI 10.1080/003655901750170687.</ref>
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