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Quid est "fundata in" in [[Formula:Capsa pelliculae]]? --[[Usor:Alex1011|Alex1011]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Alex1011|disputatio]]) 09:49, 2 Maii 2017 (UTC)
== Memphis, Tennessee ==
Starting yesterday, a number of articles related to Memphis, Tennessee have been created or expanded by new users (all newly created articles are currently in a non-stipula state):
* [[Ducks Unlimited]] created by User:Will.huffman
* [[Billy Hardwick]] created by User:JimmyMorrow
* [[FedEx Forum]] created by User:Runcmk
* [[Memphis (Tennesia)]] expanded by User:Mr.Sellers and by the aforementioned User:JimmyMorrow
Perhaps a Latin class? Anyone willing to reach out to the class/their teacher? --[[Usor:UV|UV]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:UV|disputatio]]) 20:08, 2 Maii 2017 (UTC)