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'''Sargia'''<ref>{{Graesse}}</ref> ([[Anglice]] ''Sark'', [[Francogallice]] ''Sercq'', [[lingua Sargiensis|lingua Sargiensi]] ''Sèr'' vel ''Cerq'') est una ex [[Insulae Normannicae|insulis Normannicis]], in parte austro-occidentali [[Mare Britannicum|maris Britannici]] prope litus [[Normannia]]e sita.
<!--It is a royal fief, which forms part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, with its own set of laws based on Norman law and its own parliament. It has a population of about 600. Sark (including the nearby island of Brecqhou) has an area of 2.10 square miles (5.44{{convert|2.10|sqmi|km2|2}}.<ref>{{Cite web|date=23 January 2014|title=The official website for the Island of Sark|url=http://www.sark.co.uk|accessdate=1 February 2014|publisher=Sark Tourism}}</ref>
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