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Summarium vacuum
If you're running out of time in your one-article-a-day quest, try generating an article about a species, with a text something like "X is a flowering plant of family Y, endemic in countries Z1, Z2, Z3." That plus an imported taxobox and Andrew's <nowiki>{{Fontes de plantis}}</nowiki> could be all you need! If the result earns an ''Augenda'' note, you can add a sentence of description later. At least you'll have gotten the page up in time! [[Usor:IacobusAmor|IacobusAmor]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:IacobusAmor|disputatio]]) 02:15, 14 Ianuarii 2017 (UTC)
:Yes, I have found that the taxinomic pages are among the quickest to create. :) [[Usor:Lesgles|Lesgles]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Lesgles|disputatio]]) 13:16, 14 Ianuarii 2017 (UTC)
== Lorem ipsum etc. ==
From [[Elisha Cuthbert]] I notice the useful verb "guest-stellatum", though of course if the machine had been more alert it would have chosen the active voice, "guest-stellavit". I also notice "erat sit amet", a giveaway phrase from ''Lorem ipsum''. [[Usor:Andrew Dalby|Andrew Dalby]] ([[Disputatio Usoris:Andrew Dalby|disputatio]]) 13:22, 3 Februarii 2017 (UTC)