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[[Fasciculus:Carta Marina Ex Scandia.jpg|thumb|Tabula [[tribus|tribuum]] ex [[Scandinavia]] oriundarum in opere [[Iohannes Magnus|Ioannis]] et [[Olaus Magnus|Olai Magni]] fratrum, [[Iordanes|Iordanem]], [[Paulus Diaconus|Paulum Diaconum]], aliosque [[auctor]]es citante.]]
[[Fasciculus:Olaus Rudbeck Sr (portrait by Martin Mijtens Sr, 1696).jpg|thumb|upright 0.8|[[Olavus Rudbeck]], fautor Gothicismi [[saeculum 17|saeculo septimo decimo]].]]
* [[Edda rhythmica]]
* [[Ioannes Ewald]]
* [[Nicolaus Fredericus Severinus Grundtvig|N. F. S. Grundtvig]]
* [[Adam Oehlenschläger]]
* [[Ostrogothi]]<!--
*[[Theoria Götaland]]-->
== Bibliographia ==
* Donecker, Stefan. [[2006]]. [https://web.archive.org/web/20070928055918/http://www.akademia.is/imagesofthenorth/NORTHWORKSHOP/PDF%20-%20Papers/GLOBAL/Final_Donecker.pdf There and Back Again: The North as Origin and Destination in Early Modern Migration Narratives.] Commentarius in conventu ''Images of the North,'' Reykiavikae, 25 Februarii.
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