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== Bibliographia ==
[[Fasciculus:Çatalhöyük after the first excavations by James Mellaart and his team..jpg|thumb|upright=1.25|Çatalhöyük, vestigiis nuper effoditis, anno circiter 1970 pictus]]
[[Fasciculus:Museum of Anatolian Civilizations 1320259 nevit.jpg|thumb|"[[DeaDomina materferarum (Çatalhöyük)|DeaDomina materferarum]]" (ita saepe nuncupata) ad Çatalhöyük reperta ([[Museum Civilizationum Anatolicarum]] [[Ancyra]]num)]]
[[Fasciculus:Mural from Çatalhöyük excavated by James Mellaart showing neolithic hunters attacking an aurochs (Bos primigenius)..jpg|thumb|upright=1.25|"[[Picturae murales Çatalhöyük|Venatio tauri]]": pictura muralis ad Çatalhöyük reperta ([[Museum Civilizationum Anatolicarum]] [[Ancyra]]num)]]
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