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*Nexus externi: post nexum externum, addere linguam eius ({{fn|Ling}} utens) debes (vide formulam pro usu).
::e.g. [http://www.elpais.es/ El País] {{Ling|Hispanice}}
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contentcorpus='''Recommendations for a good article'''
*'''Don't''' create [[Vicipaedia:Non-stipula|non-stubs]]! Better no article than a one-sentence stub.
:''Rationale:'' Non-stubs that consist only of a sentence are a nuisance rather than a real contribution. Latin Wikipedia has far fewer users than the [[:en:|English Version]] for example, which is why our users have a correspondingly bigger responsibility for what they are contributing. Ask yourself: if not even you are interested enough to write an at least somewhat decent article about it, why should anyone else bother to do so?
:''Rationale:'' Quoting from the original works of authors writing in Latin can improve an article considerably. However, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is ''not'' a repository for source material. That's what web-sites like [[:s:|Wikisource]] are for. If you know of a web-site hosting the complete source text, then add a section ''<nowiki>==Nexus externi==</nowiki>'' with this link. Also you can add a link to [[q:|Latin Wikiquote]], a collection of Latin quotations.
*External links: if you include links to web-pages in languages other than Latin, then indicate what language the site is in (using {{fn|Ling}} - see template for usage).
::e.g. [http://www.elpais.es/ El Pa&iacute;s] {{Ling|Hispanice}}|
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