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'''When editing, please continue to abide by the rules of style currently established''' (see, inter alia, [[Vicipaedia:De orthographia]]) or we will get a horrible style mix.
Furthermore, the "Direct image links to Commons" and the "Reference Tooltips" gadgets are available.
=== Editing ===
There is another gadget to highlight links to disambiguation pages. After a page has been displayed, this gadget loads information on linked-to pages (which requires a certain amount of bandwidth) and highlights those that are disambiguations. A description of this gadget is available in German at [[:de:Wikipedia:Helferlein/Begriffsklärungs-Check]]. Furthermore, this gadget highlights links to redirects that lead back to the current page.
<span id="HotCat">Furthermore, the ''HotCat'' gadget is available, see [[commons:Help:Gadget-HotCat]].</span>
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